Choose safety taking care of your customers and employees. Modern solution for the most demanding!

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Hand disinfection stand HANDBOX
Handbox Hand disinfection stands
Handbox Hand disinfection stands
Hand disinfection stand
Hand sanitiser
Hand disinfection stand HANDBOX
Hand disinfection stand HANDBOX
Hand disinfection stand HANDBOX
Hand disinfection stand HANDBOX

It's just that easy!

Simple to set up

The device already comes set up for work.

Easy to maintain

Clean environment, long term use, less refilling.

Comfortable to use

No-touch, no mess - enjoy safe hand sanitising.

Hand disinfection stand HANDBOX

Why choose Handbox?

Take care of your visitors and employees hand hygiene with confidence. Handcrafted, fully automated and customisable contactless hand sanitising device for everyday use!

When developing Handbox, our main priority was to keep it simple, making the device comfortable to use and easy to maintain. Taking great care of our product quality, our team of specialsts have carefully tested each material and technical component ensuring long term use and service of the device.

Easily applicable to different types of public spaces - shopping centres, office buildings, medical facilities etc.

Fully customisable design, convenient dosage adjustment through any smartphone and pouring technology, providing extra safety and a clean environment.

Redefine the way you take care of your hand hygiene

New reality of hand sanitising

Improve overall safety at your company - choose contactless, low maintenance easy to use hand sanitising device for your staff, customers, and visitors.

Customisable design
for your company

Handbox device are customisable to our customer's individual identity. Pick your companies colours, brand name, logo, language and other visual elements.

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Fully automated

Convenient contactless hand sanitising solution - a clean environment, no-touch.

Adjustable dosage

Easily adjustable from any smartphone through Wi-fi connection.


Your company's colours, logo, visual elements and preferred language.

Low maintenance

5l capacity providing up to 10 000 individual uses.


Pouring technology, ensuring that sanitiser gets only on users hands.


Handcrafted in Latvia from high-quality materials providing long term durability and service.

Our Clients

Thanks to our clients, who take great care of their customers and employees choosing safe and modern contactless hand sanitising.

We are very satisfied with how Handbox stands fit in our company's overall identity and interior design. Operative collaboration, quick production time and fast delivery.
Leading retailer of sports and leisure goods in Latvia
Thanks to Handbox, we no longer have to worry about regular refills of disinfectant liquid, dirty surfaces and whether our clients and employees are having safe hand sanitising experience.
AS “Latvenergo” leading electric utility company in Latvia

Frequently asked questions.

Have a question? Take a look, and maybe we already have an answer for you.

Do I need special knowledge or tools to set up the device?

Handbox already comes set up for work. There is no special knowledge or tools needed.

Fill the device with any brand of alcohol-based liquid hand sanitiser, connect the cord to the power supply and switch on the device.

For extra convenience, we have included an empty can with each device, which simply needs to be filled with alcohol-based hand sanitising liquid.

Or if you have hand sanitiser that come in standard 5l can, easily switch an empty container with a new one.

Which elements of the device can be customised and how does it work?

Customise Handbox device to fit your company's visual identity.

With each purchase, we offer free customisation of the device - companies visual elements, logo, colours, preferred language and other information.

To customise your device go HERE. Fill the form, choose the background colour, upload your company's logo or other visual elements and type “Hand Sanitiser” in the preferred language. After receiving your request we will get back to you within 1 working day.

What do I need to know to maintain the device?

Forget about dirty surfaces and regular refills. Handbox device have pouring technology, ensuring that hand sanitiser gets only on users hands. Devices capacity is 5l providing up to 10 000 individual uses. Only thing that we recommend is to regularly check the excess drainage tray, making sure it doesn't need to be emptied.

How can I adjust the dosage of hand sanitiser?

If you feel that default dosage of hand sanitiser - 0.5 ml isn't enough, easily adjust it from any smartphone. All you have to do is open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and choose Handbox network. No additional registration or app installation required. For more detailed information please see the user guide HERE

How long does one refill last?

Devices capacity is 5l providing up to 10 000* individual uses.

*Please note that 10 000 are the optimal numbers of uses, if the device works with default dosage, and have been filled full. Data may differ by the intensity that the device is used.

How to refill the device and what type of hand sanitiser can be used?

We have included an empty can with each device, which simply needs to be filled with alcohol-based hand sanitising liquid. Or if you have sanitiser that comes in standard 5l can easily switch an empty container with a new one.

Please note that the device only works with alcohol-based liquid hand sanitiser. Gel or foam is not supported.

When refilling the device, it's highly advised to always fill the tank full.

Why have we chosen pouring technology over spraying?

Usually when looking for contactless hand sanitising stands or similar solutions it's common to think that it has to be sprayed. Handbox team has found that pouring technology can be even better.

When sprayed the hand sanitiser usually goes all over the place, and only half of it gets on the hands. In most cases the dosage is not enough, making user reach for a second or even third time.

That's why we have chosen the pouring technology - ensuring that exact dosage will get only on users hands - lowering the risk of allergic reactions, leaving clean surfaces, not damaging, staining the sleeves of users clothing and reducing consumption of hand sanitiser.

We also have made sure that the device will not react when it's not intended to be used, like when children are running around.  

Is our device portable or stationary?

At the moment, our device is stationary, requiring access to the 100-240VAC electricity plug.

What materials are used to handcraft Handbox device?

Handbox is handcrafted in Latvia taking care of every single detail.

Made from the high - quality electronic components and natural plywood providing long term durability and service. Each device is coated with polyurethane-acrylic colour* ensuring excellent wear resistance.

* Original colour of the frame - light grey (RAL 7046)

Price, how to order, warranty and shipping

Price of the device is 389 EUR + VAT and shipping costs.

We deliver our devices internationally, but the price of shipping may differ depending on the country you are in. Shipping and VAT will be calculated after filling the order form. Please fill out the form HERE.
Warranty:  12 months

Is there offered technical support service?

Do not attempt to repair the mechanics of the device yourself.

Have a technical service performed by a qualified specialist using only supported / identical replacement parts.

In case of questions or technical problems, please contact our support team

If you can't find the answer, please contact our support team Here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Say Yes to contactless hand sanitising!

Choose safety taking care of your customers and employees. Modern solution for the most demanding!

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